Exam Exam Exam!

I’m starting to freak my shit out because I finally got a hold of my examiner. My exam is next week Wed which I don’t really ready for at all, I should be studying but I can’t focus on it ever since I found out the day. Everyone keeps telling me that I will do fine and I will pass with flying colours since my lowest grade is a 97%, but what people don’t know is that I’m extremely bad at test. I go to them thinking I know my shit and I got this but when I start writing it I can’t remember shit! I’m really hoping that I will do well and will pass this like everyone says I will. 

I should being studying right now!


Weird dream is weird.

Okay, last night I had the weirdest dream and I actually remembered it which doesn’t happen like ever. Here it is..

My sister and I went to a Jay’s game with a bunch of different baseball friends, we all decided that we would all walk down and get beers together. The way it was set up was you buy you beer at one end and pick it up at the other but in between while you’re waiting in line you can buy food and pay for it; that’s what I did, I ordered a hot dog and fries. As everyone got their beers they just walked back up to the seats but since I ordered food it was taking long then it should have, but the time I got my food I just walked to the beer person and wanted to leave. When I got there the guy wouldn’t give me my beers and he said I have to pay for it. I told him I already paid for it on the other side and I was with all those baseball girls you already gave theirs too. He was rude and just said the price one more time and being me I said, “Fuck you” and left. When I was walking away I noticed that instead of getting a hotdog and fries, I got two hotdogs. I walked back and told them so they had to make fries making me wait even more. As I was waiting I saw all my friends got to be on TV and I wasn’t there for it, I got mad, grabbed my food and walked back up to the seats. I ate my food in silence, text me boyfriend I want to come home so he picked me up. 

Then I woke up. 


I honestly don’t know why it happened but I thought it was pretty funny and even funnier because I was dreaming of a Jay’s game. 

50 Things you didn’t know about me.

Boredom has got the best of me therefore I have decided to tell a little bit about myself.

1. My first name was suppose to be Jessica but my Dad told my Mum he would call me Jessie – Jessica is now my middle name.
2. I am terrified of moths and butterflies.
3. I HATE coffee and tea.
4. I only call my mother Mum, never Mom.
5. I have yet to get my G2 and I’m 22 years old.
6. I’m suppose to wear glasses but I never do.
7. I’ve been the same height since middle school.
8. At the age of 7 I was suppose to be a competitive gymnast but I quit before I could.
9. I quit gymnastics to play baseball even though I had no idea how to play let alone know how to throw a ball.
10. I’ve now played competitive baseball for 14 years and counting.
11. I’m a Deck Supervisor, Swimming Instructor and Lifeguard.
12. I’ve lived on the same street my whole life but in two different houses.
13. I can’t cook for shit.
14. I love horror movies.
15. I punched a boy in kindergarten for kissing me.
16.  Everything affects me ten times more then it should… so drugs can be fun OR scary.
17. I can’t keep my room clean even after I’ve just cleaned it.
18. I’m awful at math.
19. My first piercing wasn’t my ears, it was my nipple.
20. I have 6 piercings, I use to have 8.
21. …I had my hips pierced but they regretted.
22. My favourite colour is purple.
23. I’m obsessed with ducks.
24. I actually love to read.
25. I’m a really quiet person unless I’m close to you.
26. I’m obsessed with 9/11 and Titantic.
27. I’m obsessed with the Blue Jays.
28. I’m starting to love reptiles.
29. I hate beeping noises.
30. I think drinking juice out of a coffee mug is the best way to drink it.
31. I have extremely unusual hiccups. I’ve been told I sound like a cat meowing, a seagull, and a peacock.
32. I’m dying to get a tattoo.
33. I love wearing ball caps.
34. I don’t understand football.
35. I’m attempting to graduate high school.
36. . . . I’ve been to 3 different high schools.
37. I love anything mini.
38. I only like chocolate when it’s that time of the month.
39. I use to go to the same bar every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday with my best friend.
40. I absolutely hate feet.
41. I love anything Under Armour.
42. I can skate, I just don’t know how to stop.
43. I started my Christmas list in July.
44. I’m really bad with money.
45. I love taking pictures.
46. I don’t have a favourite band/artist I like.
47. My favourite movie is either Into The WIld or Zero Dark Thirty.
48. I read No Easy Day in a couple of hours.
49. If you mean something to me I will save anything I did with you. Movie stubs, maps of someone we went together, text message conversation, etc.
50. I don’t like watching TV.

I’m the luckiest Girl

SCHOOL UPDATED! I called the school today because the examiner STILL hasn’t picked up. So when I called the school she was kind of rude, I told her the situation about how he won’t pick up his phone and that is just goes straight to voice mail. She asked me his name and I said yea, apparently he’s away with family problems and he should be back this week. I asked when because my due dead is coming up soon and I don’t want to start all over again! She then got rude, cut me off and asked me my student number and said that he will call me. I literally have maybe three weeks left and I haven’t even booked this test, and if I fail it I won’t have enough time to rewrite it. I really don’t want to start all over and I will be incredibly pissed, I am going to be the most annoying person ever and keep calling him until he answers and I write this test. 


I am the luckiest girl of life right now and I have been since January. If you don’t like boyfriend talks then just fuck off at this moment because I am going to talk about him. I once had a really shitty boyfriend awhile back, he wouldn’t commit to me for 2 years but we were together. The last year he finally committed but it only lasted a couple of months but even after that we were supposedly still together. He was honestly the worst person ever, he would make everything somehow be my fault even when it wasn’t, I always had to be around when he wanted me to be so I couldn’t make plans with my friends just in case he wanted me to come over. I wasn’t allowed to message him if he was out with friends and sometimes he wouldn’t answer me on purpose even if I actually had a question the needed to be answered. At the end he broke up with me and I wanted him back, only for me to find out he had already had another girl who was like 7 years younger then him. He told me she was better and everything. Of course I was heart broken but there was this guy at my work that was fun to be around and actually cared. I started talking to him and hanging out. Now we are dating. He is honestly the best person in my life in a really long time. He is such a cheese ball, caring, and sensitive. He is the craziest person I’ve ever met, he will honestly do anything which is one of the great things about him. I honestly can’t explain how lucky I am to have him. The best part about him is that he’s not scared to show he is scared of losing me. We’ve both been hurt and we hate that feeling, we told each other we would take it slow, which we did and now dating for 3 months ; we were taking it slow for 7 months.

I am the happiest one person could be and no one can ruin it. He is the best<3  

Fall 2013 List

I realize that it isn’t September 22nd yet but boredom has gotten the best of me.

Here is my fall 2013 list!

  • Nuit Blanche – COMPLETED
  • Drive In
  • Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada
  • Graduate High School
  • Get my G2
  • Sushi Date – COMPLETED
  • Tattoo
  • Shooting Range
  • Up Close Jay’s Game – N/A due to the season being over.
  • Fear Fest (Halloween Haunt)
  • Ajax Reptile Expo
  • Hockey Hall of Fame

Now some of these things probably won’t happen because things are coming to an end (Jay’s season) and money is pretty tight right now. The most important things that will probably happen are graduating high school, Nuit Blanche, the aquarium and possibly my G2.

If anything else comes into mind I will add it or I will just randomly write about it. I am excited about this one since fall and winter are my favourite seasons out of them all.

22 year old High School Student

It is sad but true, I am a 22 year old chick who is still trying to finish high school. The story is that I was in a normal high school and hated it, the teachers were always on my case, I got kicked out of class for no reason, I get bored so easily and I hated the teens who went to school with me. All this could of been because I was really young but whatever, so I never finished my normal highschool but I got pretty far in it. I only needed one more credit so my normal school wouldn’t let me come back just to finish that one credit. They told me that if I wanted to stay in this school I had to take 3 courses. Obviously I didn’t want to do that because I only needed one and the others would be a waste of my time, so they sent me to a special school. 

Peel Alternative is what the school is called. I fucking hated this school as well; first of all, it was on the other side of the city so I had to bus my ass all the way over there and that took forever. Second of all I only had to be there for two hours, so I spent maybe an hour on a bus there and back just to stay at this school for two hours. Third of all, the school was in the damn ghetto! I swear I would get raped if I was left there alone. Eventually I just stopped going to that school as well. 

Finally, around last year Christmas my friend told me about a school that was in Toronto that I didn’t have to travel to and they would mail me the work. I was all for it so I signed up, I actually finished all the work and now all I have left is to write the exam. The only problem is I can’t get a hold of the guy that I’m suppose to write it with. My deadline was Friday that just passed so I sent an email to my school saying WHAT THE FUCK is going on?! They haven’t gotten back to me so I’m going to call this guy all day tomorrow so I can finally write it. 

All I want to do is finally complete this thing so I won’t be such a big failure but this guy is making it impossible. I need to do something with my life but I am at a stop with it here…