Nuit Blanche


Scotiabank Nuit Blanche is when the city of Toronto turns into a sleepless night of art in the streets. The artists take over a good chunk of the city with their art work for you to see. It started at 6:51 pm October 5th and finishes off October 6th at sunrise, the streets were absolutely crazy at 11 pm when I headed out with my sister due to your Toronto Maple Leafs beating Ottawa 5-4! As we exited the Fairmont Royal York hotel Leaf fans high fived us and cheered for their win, you could hear hundreds of fans cheering in the square, where you could watch the game outside on the big screen.

Our night started fast as you walked the streets, their was art work everywhere! We started off with one of the food trucks to experience our first food truck life. The lines were long but it was well worth the wait, I got a pulled pork sandwich with golden fries that were incredible.


The night was loud and crazy as it was just the start, their was art everything you looked even art on peoples heads as they walked on by.
Anyone who lives in Toronto has seen this one piece of art as to it took days to build. It has 3,100 bikes and stands tall in Nathan Philips Square.


The next piece I thought that was wicked cool and apparently took 10 years to complete, this one is completely made of mess and thousands of plastic bags.


The night continued as a routine, art after art…..





Thank you for reading, there’s more to come!


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