December Favourites 2015!

Make Up Favourite:


tarte maracuja lip exfoliant

I know I’ve written about this before but here in Canada it’s starting to get into those cold months and that means dry skin. I can already tell that I’ve using my chapstick a lot more then normal and that also comes with a lip exfoliant. This helps a great deal when you have chapped lips but you don’t want to have “ugly” lips, use this once a week with whatever lip balm you prefer and you’ll be fine! I got this at Sephora for $21.00.

Skin Care Favourite:


Dove Go Fresh Burst Anti-Perspirant 

I know I’ve written about a different smell of this antiperspirant but I recently ran out and when I went to the store they didn’t have the one I normal use so I picked this one going off by the way it smells. I love it better than my old one, the smell it stronger, it smells amazing, and of course it works just as well. This time I got this at Walmart for $2.97.

Hair Care Favourite: 


Aveda Light Elements Smoothing Fluid

As you all know I love Aveda products because of the smell and because they actually work. This smoothing fluid is great when it comes to smoothing down fly aways, refreshing that “poofy” hair that some of us get and so much more with actually styling your hair. I got this at Aveda stores for $37.00.

Body Favourite:


Native Afelisen Winter Boots

I got these winter boots for Christmas last year because surprisingly I’m a Canadian who didn’t own winter boots. They’re so warm, waterproof and comfortable. I got them in grey because my jacket is grey but they come in other colours depending where you go. I got mine at Little Burgundy for $140.00 but they’re on sale for $70.00 right now!

Home Favourite:


Chocolate Advent Calendar

This year I decided to get myself a treat by getting a chocolate advent calendar even though there’s a family one! I use to have these when I was really little but they just meant I got chocolate until Christmas! I got mine at Shoppers Drug Mart for $1.30.

Music Favourite:

Hello by Adele


Random Favourite:


Instant Gift Pack Scratch Card from OLG

I always get this every year, it’s a great gift for friends, family and even yourself! I got mine at a lotto stand for $10.00.

Thanks for reading,





The 2016 List

Hello my loves, that’s right 2016 has started and it’s off to a good start! As I do every year I make a list of all the fun things I want to complete in the year, some are goals and some are random but it’s all fun.

    1. Get G2.
    2. Shooting range.
    3. Get a full-time job. – N/A until 2017
    4. Understand football (the basics).
    5. Learn to cook.
    6. Go to Toronto Maple Leaf game.
    7. Camping.
    8. Travel somewhere.
    9. Indoor Trampoline.
    10. Toronto Raptors Game – N/A until 2017
    11. Own a Car. – N/A until 2017
    12. Buy a house. – N/A until 2017/2018
    13. Tree Top Trekking.
    14. Hiking.
    15. Go Karting.
    16. Emerald Lake.
    17. Rockwood Conservation Area (Lake).
    18. Axe Throwing.
    19. Wonderland Water Park.
    20. Drive In.
    21. Fan Expo.
    22. Nuit Blanche.
    23. Fishing.
    24. Hockey Hall of Fame.
    25. Buskersfest.
    26. Wasaga Beach.
    27. Paddle Boarding.
    28. Jungle Cat World.
    29. Leaf Nation Fan Fest.
    30. Nutella Cafe Toronto.
    31. Pursuit OCR Indoor Obstacle Course.
    32. Sweet Jesus.
    33. CN Tower Restaurant.
    34. Battle Archery.
    35. Rogers Centre Tours.
    36. Esther the Wonder Pig Farm Sanctuary.

Thanks for reading,